In my next series of blogs, we will be focusing on a subject near and dear to my heart…leadership! Much of our time as a company is focused on working with, developing and coaching leaders in banks.  For some executives, we’re working on succession issues and preparing them for their next promotion.  For others, they’ve […]

Which Would You Prefer, To Be Uninspired or Inspired? Its 8:51 Saturday morning and I just sat down with a hot cup of tea to write the final blog in the Taking an Evolutionary Approach to Business Planning.  I am feeling very peaceful and grateful for my life.  Before I get into the subject of […]

In this, the third blog in our educational series, Taking an Evolutionary Approach to Business Planning, our intent is to help your lenders modify their 2016 business plans, based on what they have learned from the analysis of their 2015 activities and results. Plan Your Work; Work Your Plan…Why Don’t More Lenders Do This? At […]