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Albert Einstein said: “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Given the powerful transitions occurring across our business, geopolitical and social landscape, continuing to conduct your business the way you always have may have dire consequences to your profits and the long-term value of your franchise.

Consider the impact on your organization if you could:

Get 100% of your employees on the same page with your vision and the plan to get there.

Instill real discipline and accountability throughout the organization.

Leverage the incredible data in your organization for better decision making.

Get your core processes done consistently, the right way, every time.

The EOS Model™

It’s common for executives, entrepreneurs, managers and employees to wrestle with 136 issues simultaneously. These issues create friction across departments and companies that ultimately impact profitability and customer service.

To the extent that you can strengthen The Six Key Components™ of your business, you solve your issues at the root and make them go away forever. The EOS® journey is designed to strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business creating greater consistency, efficiency, and scalability. It makes your business easier and more fun to manage and more profitable too!

Professional EOS Implementer Ray Adler and his company have helped improve the performance of over 200 leadership and sales teams in a wide variety of industries including banking, financial services, automotive, manufacturing, professional services, medical, tele-communications, technology, research, and non-profits.

Ray Adler

The EOS Story – Helping Entrepreneurs Get What They Want

The EOS Process™ provides a proven way to put all the pieces together ─ incorporating each of the EOS Tools in the right order to best strengthen each key component of your business.

EOS Business Management Tools

Leadership teams need to manage efficiently and effectively. There’s no time to waste managing egos or dealing with office politics.

The EOS Toolbox™ is a complete set of tools addressing and strengthening all Six Key Components™ of any business. These management tools for business leaders are designed to be easy to learn and use, because complexity reduces effectiveness.

Every tool in the EOS Toolbox has been proven time and time again in the real world – the tools work!


The EOS Process™ provides a proven way to put all the pieces together ─ incorporating each of the EOS Tools in the right order to best strengthen each key component of your business.

This proven process has been used with all EOS clients to achieve the results that we achieve together. Comprised of four basic steps, the EOS implementation rolls out in the following manner.

ONE: We start with a 90-minute meeting. In this session we exchange information about our businesses, determine if we are on the same page and, ultimately, determine if there is a fit. During this meeting I provide an overview of the exact tools used with clients.

TWO: Once we determine there is a fit, we schedule a Focus Day™, where we cover five main agenda items to help you gain traction in your business. First, we explore the concept of “hitting the ceiling” and how to break through it every time. Next, we start to work on the business using an exercise that aligns the leadership team, clarifies roles, and establishes clear accountability for each function of the business. After that, goals or rocks are set for the leadership team for the next quarter and we also teach a weekly meeting agenda and cadence. Finally, we develop a first draft of your company scorecard. By the end of the Focus Day you are actively using many of the tools in your business to help you gain traction.

THREE: After a 30-day break we reconvene for Vision Building™. The first part of the day is spent determining how the EOS tools taught at Focus Day are working in your company and making any necessary adjustments. After we are comfortable with the tools, we work on answering the 8 Questions in the EOS Vision/Traction Organizer™. This is a two-day process separated by an additional 30-day break. At the end of the second session, your vision is crystallized, and you are becoming a master of the tools.

FOUR: From here we move into a Quarterly and Annual Planning session cycle that reinforces focus on your vision and Traction® to achieve that vision. The sessions are tailored to the needs of your business, but typically concentrate on team health, rock (short-term goals) setting, issue solving, accountability, and other tools, as necessary. 


You will never be "done" although you will likely “graduate” and be able to run the system on your own without my help after about 2 years. My goal is to get you comfortable with the system of running Quarterly and Annual sessions as quickly as possible and then get out of the way so you can run the business on a sustainable basis, using the EOS process on your own. Some clients retain EOS implementers well beyond the 2-year mark to run their Quarterly and Annual sessions so that every member of the leadership team can fully participate, but that is up to you ─ that is not our intent.

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