Is Your Bank Facing One of These Challenges?


The future of banking is unclear. “Business as usual” doesn’t cut it anymore. Forward-thinking institutions recognize the ability to evolve and adapt creates a competitive advantage.

Generating organic growth has become more difficult. Stiff competition and fewer quality deals have created tremendous pressure in the market. Competitive pricing and aggressive underwriting continue to squeeze margins causing banks to stretch for yield. Banks, in general, have been so reliant on real estate in general and CRE specifically for loan totals that the industry has become highly commoditized. And terms like “relationship banking” and “trusted advisor” are overused and yet seldom exhibited behaviors in banking.

Bank sales and marketing strategies have been stuck in a rut these past three decades. Many retail and community banks still think in terms of “product campaigns” and “marketing programs” and business and regional banks still rely heavily on referrals from real estate brokers, CPAs and attorneys for new business. Approaching the market with the same marketing and sales strategies as your competitors is a sure way to blend in and get lost in the crowd.