Honing Is An Easily Embraced Concept…

A “hone” is a precision tool for sharpening. To “hone” means to sharpen, perfect or make more acute. To “hone-in” means to direct one’s attention and sharpen one’s focus toward the attainment of a goal.

Your regional and branch managers and lenders have been trained…repeatedly throughout their careers. Now they’re ready to be honed! Traditionally resistant to more “sales training” and change, Sales “honing,” is something employees can quickly see the value in both personally and for the organization.

…and Mindset That Paves the Way for Continuous

Race teams are a great example of honing in action! Every factor associated with making the race car faster on the race track is continuously honed. “Good enough” just isn’t good enough. From driving strategy, to aerodynamics, to tire compounds, to the personal efforts of every member of the pit crew, there is laser focus on continuously improving performance. BTI’s Sales Honing System for Banks brings an identical “continuous improvement” philosophy and focus to elevating sales and bank performance.

“If you aren’t willing to learn…no one can help you. If you are willing to learn…no one can stop you.”
Eric Hoffer
Reflections on the Human Condition