“Our net interest margin has increased by an average of 20 basis points.
Fee income has also increased by 20% as a result of utilizing
BTI’s winning strategies, training and coaching.”

Lyle Hansen, Executive Vice President,
Baker Boyer Bank


Sales Honing is a unique process for helping banks evolve with the times. Regardless of whether a bank needs to increase deposits to fund loans or put more earning assets on the books (or both!), the Sales Honing System for Banks provides a unique process and framework for increasing enterprise and shareholder value through the honing of a bank’s business banking and C&I lending function.


Hone Your Bank’s Sales Culture.   Unless your sales culture is defined and distinctive, your approach to the market won’t be!  The problem is bank sale’s cultures are typically vague and poorly defined which is why your lenders sound and sell exactly like your competitors.


Hone The Sales Strategies, Processes and Skills of Your Lending Teams. Lenders have been using the same tired methods to find and close business for over three decades! It’s time to learn and implement more modern, effective strategies.


Hone The Sales Management Skills of Your Sales Managers.  How many of your sales managers were once top producers? It takes an entirely different set of skills to be a top performing sales manager than it does to be a top producer.  We can help close the knowledge, behavior and performance gap and develop your managers into effective sales managers and sales leaders.


Hone Your Credit and Sales Support Functions.  Transform your sales support functions and create a “one-team” mindset where lending and underwriting teams work together to improve efficiency.  Imagine replacing finger pointing, blame and frustration for bottlenecks and slow response times with shared commitment and accountability?


Hone The Leadership Skills of Executives and Middle Managers. Much of our time as a company is focused on working with, developing and coaching leaders in banks.  When strong leadership is combined with disciplined sales efforts, bank performance is improved.  It’s that simple!


Let BTI help identify the cultures and assess the cultural risks in your next merger.  Significant energy is focused on financial, operational, risk and administrative aspects of the business, however little is focused on assessing the culture compatibility of the merging institutions. In fact, one of the most dangerous risks in a merger (yet often overlooked) is neglecting to assess the cultural risk of merging institutions.


For a bank to grow its capacity to drive sales while improving service and teamwork, it has to grow its executives and employees. BTI offers a host of solutions to address a wide range of organizational development needs.


Extensive research over the past 30 plus years on employee engagement proves that engaged employees is substantially more productive. The problem is only 30% of your employees are engaged.  Let BTI show you how to unlock both the minds and hearts of your employees and help you identify the greatest “drivers” of productivity in your bank.