Sales Track

(12-month Curriculum)

Today, customers want to work with bankers who can find resources to solve a myriad of problems, help them build strategies for the future, and grow revenue and profits. Simply said, they want their banker to become part of their informal board as a key business advisor.

Let the Sales Honing Academy help you transition your commercial banking team from lenders and relationship managers to Trusted Advisors, who can better differentiate themselves and your bank with an enhanced ability to add value throughout the entire sales process.

Your customers want to work with a banker who will help them with their business strategies and navigate the risks and complexities of running a business today. Yes, financial strategies are part of the conversation, but finances are only a piece of the many important conversation’s bankers need to have with their customers.

Our Sales Track focuses on deepening and expanding existing customer relationships as a result of executing a more disciplined consultative sales process. This skill-enhancing experience focuses on using “trusted advisor-style” behaviors which promote balanced growth and improved relationship profitability.

Bottom Line Benefits of our Sales Track: Relationship Building

Your bankers will be guided and coached to increase the profitability of both existing and new customer relationships as a result of:

  • Turn real estate credits into full banking relationships.
  • Increase the profit profile of existing customers.
  • Developing new differentiation, positioning and  communication strategies.
  • Implementing a consultative sales process that open new opportunities for deposit generation,  cash management, trust and wealth management services.
  • Being more strategic and better prepared for sales appointments.
  • Learning to ask more questions on a broader array of financial and business topics.
  • Becoming far better negotiators by using our Negotiation Strategy Worksheets and learning 12 proven negotiation tactics.

Take the definitive step toward a more profitable tomorrow.

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“With the negotiation strategies, tactics and tools provided by Ray, I was able to take a standalone real estate loan with our bank and convert it into a full relationship with line of credit, construction loan, investment management, operating accounts and treasury services. By taking time to understand the broader client needs, we created a substantial increase in the profit profile of the account for the bank. This was also a win-win for the borrower since they are now a much more valuable client of the bank."

— John Marder, SVP, First Bank

“Our net interest margin has increased by an average of 20 basis points. fee income has also increased by 20% as a result of utilizing BTI’s winning strategies, training and coaching.”

— Lyle Hansen, Executive Vice President,
Baker Boyer Bank