Marketing Track

(12-month Curriculum)

Teaching Bankers the Art of “Direct-Sourcing” Quality Commercial Business

Bankers nationally rely almost exclusively on referrals from “traditional COIs” such as CPAs and brokers for deal flow. There are two fundamental challenges with this approach: #1, the quality and flow of referrals are extremely inconsistent, and #2, there are often three to five other banks competing for the same deal. The good news is a deal is going to get done. The bad news is that, because no “relationship equity” has been established with the borrower, pricing tends to be the driving factor. It’s purely a transaction.

Today’s bankers must become much more savvy marketers and learn how to develop relationships directly with executives and business owners of quality commercial customers in your market that match well with our institutions credit culture. In the Marketing Track, your commercial bankers will gain access to a powerful sales funnel dashboard, tools and learn and execute up to ten different business development strategies.

Your bankers will be guided and coached in Marketing Track to increase the quantity and quality of in-person sales appointments as a result of:

  • Focusing all prospecting activities on quality prospects that match well with your bank’s credit culture.
  • Reducing time wasted on low- or poor-quality prospects.
  • Missing quality opportunities due to poor follow-up practices.
  • Utilizing new, “non-traditional” COIs for warm introductions bankers never think to access
  • Developing stronger time and priority management disciplines.
  • Building a marketing system that positions them as thought-leaders, builds their reputation, differentiates them from competitors and helps ensures a stronger and more consistent pipeline.

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“By October I’m at 201% of my target goal and 104% of my stretch goal. Ray’s coaching really helped me become strategic in my business development efforts."

— Patty Stewlow, Branch Manager, Commercial Banker

"I’m at 200% of my annual goal and it’s only July. Ray’s taught me how to be productive rather than busy."

— Sam Othus, Vice President, 
Relationship Manager,
Banner Bank

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