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3-Step PPP New Customer Retention Program

Convert your PPP customers into profitable, full banking relationships


Now is the time to adapt

Our PPP New Customer Retention Program Delivers Results

Sales Capabilities

Adapt traditional in-person sales approaches to cultivate relationships in today’s era of social distancing

Life-Time Value

Maximize lifetime value of PPP customers as well as existing customers


Transform your teams to become more adaptive, nimble and resilient for success in post-COVID era

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The risk of doing business with yesterday’s pre-COVID models is too high

The pandemic, accelerated migration to digital channels, decline of branch foot traffic, mass disruption of fintech, less demand for real estate credit, greater market volatility all necessitate brick and mortar banks change the strategies by which they attract, convert and retain customers.


Secure the future of your financial institution

No company will be left unchanged by COVID-19 or the recession. 

Our PPP New Customer Retention Program can help your bank adapt and thrive.

Leverage Your PPP New Customer Windfall

Account acquisition only represents 20% of the realized value PPP customers represent. Capture the remaining value by blending meaningful employee engagement strategies with digital and online channel delivery.

Don’t Lose
The Relationship

With very little branch traffic and very few in-person meetings with business customers, you need different processes, strategies and skills to “stay connected” with customers.

Solve Customer’s
Rapidly Evolving Needs

Shifting from a product-focused “sales model” to a customer-centric “solutions model” helps banks anticipate and resolve customer’s rapidly evolving needs.

Most banks generated more business through the PPP than they did in the past 5 to 10 years. We’ll show you how to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity.

B2B buyers feel virtual sales calls are as effective as in-person calls for complex products involving high degree of customization Bain & Company

Book a live interactive call with financial services expert Ray Adler, CEO of BTI Growth Advisors

BTI Growth AdvisorS

3-Step PPP New Customer Retention Program

Maximize the lifetime value of each PPP customer to your bank


To maximize the opportunity created by PPP, commercial and branch employees must work together to successfully onboard and fully develop each PPP customer relationship.

Our approach is focused on relationship development through consultative problem solving not “selling” products and “pushing” services PPP customers don’t need. This unique approach is essential to maximizing the lifetime value of each PPP and regular customer.


Plan, Integrate
& Customize

Designed to align and integrate with the actions being taken by your bank to tackle the unprecedent- ed challenges of the time, we will customize both the content and delivery process to maximize the ROI from our efforts.


Retool Commercial
& Branch Teams

Train your staff with the mindset, behavioral tactics and relationship development tools necessary to provide customers with the advice and support they need to survive in these trying times.


& Reinforce

With a heavy emphasis on the “practicing” of new behaviors, employees develop the confidence to change their behaviors when regularly coached by Ray Adler and their sales managers.

Program Delivery

All content is delivered live, online by BTI Growth Advisors’ CEO, Ray Adler in 60-minute monthly presentations and 30-minute group coaching calls.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Let us demonstrate how the PPP New Customer Retention Program can win your bank more business and boost profitability.

Book a live interactive call with financial services expert Ray Adler, CEO of BTI Growth Advisors
The 45-minute Strategy Session requires participation of two executives or managers.

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BTI Growth Advisors has helped over 100 banks achieve impressive quantitative and qualitative results

For two decades, BTI Growth Advisors has been a top management consulting firm in the financial services industry. We guide leaders and managers on how to transform their institutions, unlock innovation and human potential while improving sales and profits.


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“We experienced a 300% increase in the number of business DDAs opened on a monthly basis. In addition, we achieved 162% of our deposit goal. Given current market conditions, our Board couldn’t be happier. BTI Growth Advisors’ expertise, strategies, training and coaching just plain work!”

— Jeff Jones, COO, Bank of Idaho

Ray Adler Webinar

Kick Off 2021 Fast, Focused and On Fire


Bank sales culture expert Ray Adler will show how by analyzing your 2020 production, you’ll have a better handle on what adjustments you’ll need to make from a business development standpoint in order to meet and exceed your 2021 sales goals.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Receive our 2020 Sales Funnel Worksheet when you register
  • Learn why your pipeline report is a lousy sales management tool
  • Discover the importance of hitting quarterly milestones
  • Make your lenders and RMs more productive and your sale managers more effective