Ray Adler

Ray Adler
Founder and CEO, BTI Growth Advisor

For two decades, BTI Growth Advisors has been a top management consulting firm in the financial services industry. Ray has a proven track record guiding the performance improvement and organizational change efforts for over 100 institutions, unlocking innovation and human potential while improving sales and profits.


After a prolonged economic expansion, we find ourselves grappling with the challenges of today’s recessionary, COVID-19 world. No longer can we rely on referrals from traditional COIs to meet our annual sales goals.

Yesterday’s strategies simply won’t yield the results you need to be successful in these unprecedented times.

Bank sales culture expert Ray Adler will show how by analyzing your 2020 production, you’ll have a better handle on what adjustments you’ll need to make from a business development standpoint in order to meet and exceed your 2021 sales goals.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Receive our 2020 Sales Funnel Worksheet when you register
  • Learn why your pipeline report is a lousy sales management tool
  • Discover the importance of hitting quarterly milestones
  • Make your lenders and RMs more productive and your sale managers more effective

Kick Off 2021
Fast, Focused
and On Fire

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Bank CEOs/Presidents who recognize the need to adapt in uncertain times for growth, profitability and access to new markets
  • Commercial banking executive and sales managers looking to better support their team
  • Commercial lenders and relationship managers who want to work smarter, not harder

Results, not promises 

Ray Adler is the passionate founder and CEO of BTI Growth Advisors, a San Diego based management advisory firm. Over the past two decades, BTI has helped hone the mindset and skill sets of bank sales teams to think and behave more like trusted advisors than traditional lenders. Applying these skills in a Post-COVID market, your institution can provide customers with more value and a distinctive branded experience that wins more business.

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