2021 Entrepreneurial Banking Forum

Meet These Super-Star "Entrepreneurial Bankers" 

Hear How the EOS Framework, Process and Tools Have Helped These Banks ADAPT, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, AND REMAIN RELEVANT

Subjects Our CEOs Will Be Discussing:

  • Preserving NIM, improving profitability and growth
  • Gearing up for the regulatory requirements of being a $18 institution
  • Improving/revamping your strategic planning process
  • Getting all employees on the same page with your strategic direction
  • Improving the customer experience across all channels
  • Increasing discipline and accountability
  • Hitting quarterly and annual goals more consistently
  • Getting the right people in the right seats in your organization
  • Achieving process consistency across your footprint
  • Identify, discuss and utilize a more effective process to solve key issues

Your Host and Moderator

Ray Adler, CEO of BTI Growth Advisors has been actively involved in improving the performance of over 100 financial institutions nationally for over 20 years. As a Professional EOS Implementer® and creator of the Sales Honing® System, BTI Growth Advisors offers bank executives a set of simple, real world practical tools and timeless concepts that can strengthen any business.

Ray Adler

For questions, call (760) 720-9270 or email to ray@btigrowthadvisors.com

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